Restauracja Tarasowa
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The Place
“Finally, it’s just like I planned” — Max Berg could have said, unbuttoning his steel-grey blazer and sitting at a table in the Terrace Restaurant. First opened in 1913, the place has regained its former glory and invites you to its modernist interior. We can expect – much like 100 years ago – bustling evenings, lively discussions, clinking glasses and – above all – exceptional flavours and culinary discoveries. We encourage you to visit our terrace with a view of the Pergola.
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In searching for materials, the project’s creators focussed solely on the nearest surroundings of the Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia). The mint-grey shade of the curtains was chosen to suit the colour of the characteristic columns, the golden accents were inspired by the glazing of the Hall’s dome, while the tiles of light terrazzo with green flecks allowed even more green to be brought into the interior, reflecting the nature that surrounds the Centennial Hall. The deep, mature shade of the wood lends cosiness and nobility to the restaurant.
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The People
The chefs, managers, sommeliers, waiters — we all share a love of food that is surprising, full of nuances and stories. Meet the members of our team — the people who worthily represent and popularise modern Polish gastronomy.
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What does Wrocław taste like?
Flavours are under the spell of history. We familiarise ourselves and tell it in a contemporary, culinary language. The chefs draw from the gastronomic traditions of Wrocław as well as trends in world cuisine, creating ambitious reinterpretations of Lower Silesian dishes known for years. The menu, based on local, fresh products, is changed seasonally, every 3 months. We supplement it with a selection of excellent-quality alcohol from nearby vineyards and breweries. As was done nearly 110 years ago.