Katarzyna Daniłowicz | Executive chef
A Wrocław native and winner of the 4th edition of Top Chef, Female Chef of 2017 in the Gault&Millau guide, winner of numerous culinary contests (including the Polish Culinary Cup, Trendy Chef, Primerba Cup, Young Creator of Culinary Art). An architect and cook by training and passion, she graduated from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at the Wrocław Politechnic as well as the Gastronomic Schools on ul. Kamiennej in Wrocław. She is the author of the culinary conception of Restauracja Tarasowa, and together with the staff of Centennial Hall is currently intensively working on a new version of the centre’s entire gastronomy.
Michał Wester | Head chef
Although Kasia as the Executive Chef supervises the whole concept, Michał is responsible for the kitchen and for implementing the creative ideas of Kasia and the whole team. And it’s Michał who "lays out the loveliest plates" - composition and care for detail are always of first importance to him. He and Kasia have known each other and worked together for over 10 years. They first collaborated at Mennicza Fusion, then Michał joined the staff at Olszewskiego 128, Kasia’s original concept. In the meantime, Michał underwent an internship at the Michelin-starred Senses, under the watchful eye of Andrea Camastra. He also learned a lot from Marcin Popielarz and Rafał Koziorzemski while working at Gdynia’s Biały Królik. Upon returning to his hometown, he ran the Przystań Tu restaurant in Wrocław’s Ołtaszyn district.
Tomasz Biliczak | Head pastry chef
He is a cook but with a specialisation in confectionary and what’s most important – considerable experience. Up until now, he has worked in such places as Ragu, Napa and Mennicza Fusion. He can also be associated with everything culinary that happened around the European Capital of Culture 2016 – Tomek was responsible for all the local wonders that could be eaten then at Barbara. He’s also a specialist in localness and baked goods, and devotes a fair amount of time to coffee, especially local and fair trade.