Restaurant to the MAX
As early as the initial discussions of the concept for the new Tarasowa Restaurant, it was obvious to everyone that the new site, despite its historic name, could not be historic, it had to be modern. After all, it was designed by modernist and visionary Max Berg. And it is to his main ideas that we refer. The "terracism" already appeared in the first sketches and plans for the restaurant that Berg created. The goal was a perfect, panoramic view for as many guests as possible. Together with the CUDO design group we went even further, as we introduced an additional terrace into the interior itself. Why? In order to guarantee a good view of the Pergola and the Fountain even to seats located deep inside the dining room.
The interior concept was authored by CUDO design group
– The development of the Tarasowa Restaurant concept was unique in many ways. This all-glass venue literally has not a single wall, and due to the protection afforded by the site's UNESCO World Heritage listing, we had to do without significant modifications. Embedding the contemporary design in the historical context of the site was also a challenge. It will be a really great place for long meetings, and the dominant feature of the venue as a whole will be a wide, elegant bar, ideal for evening conversations | Aleksander Czerwonka-Jabłoński of the CUDO design group.
Meeting place
The basic premise of the architectural design is to blur the boundary between the interior of the restaurant and the Pergola, restoring transparency by exposing both storefronts - interior and exterior. This is a return to the assumptions of the creator of this venue, Max Berg. The highlight of the premises is the view of the Pergola and Fountain itself. At the main window, we opted for elegant and fleshy curtains in a rather unusual arrangement - by arranging them perpendicular to the glazing, we allow unobstructed perception of Berg's ideas. The fabric, in addition to its acoustic and aesthetic qualities, also acts as partitions between tables, gives a sense of intimacy and allows for the free arrangement of larger or smaller reservations along the windows.
In our search for materials for the project, we focused only on the immediate surroundings of the Centennial Hall. The mint-gray shade of the curtains was matched to the color scheme of the distinctive columns; the gold color of the accents was inspired by the glazing of the Hall's dome, while the slabs of light terrazzo with green flecks allowed even more green to be smuggled into the interior, which alludes to the omnipresent nature in the Hall's surroundings. Wood in a deep and mature shade will add coziness and nobility to the restaurant.
Main Hall
An important accompanying element from the beginning of the conceptual work was to extend and emphasize the terraced layout of the entire site, including the restaurant. The project introduces an additional terrace in the middle of the restaurant. Such a solution allows for a clearer interpretation of the cascading layout of the entire establishment.
Summer terrace
On summer evenings, magic happens on the Pergola, and these are probably the best places to feel it and participate in it. Always in light shade, always with the best view. Architecture, nature, chillout and - last but not least - really good food.
Meeting Room
Despite so many references to history and tradition, this is a restaurant of our time, not only in terms of decor, but also in the way it operates. Amazing compatibility will give many possibilities for setting up and combining the different zones. That is why here you will find a place for every occasion, from an elegant dinner for two to a large reservation to celebrate important moments with loved ones.
It is certainly one of the most beautiful, longest, most interesting, and most Wrocław-like bars in the city. Warmly and atmospherically lit with Wrocław neon. It is conducive to long evening conversations and exciting, sometimes distant, taste journeys.
Tarasowa Restaurant is not only about food, it is also a chillout with the best view in Wrocław. At the table, at the bar, on the terrace. Here you can just sit, chat, look around as time passes by... which is what we're all about.
Urban jungle
We let in not only air, but also greenery. Grown monstera, figs, strelitzia, and on the tables usually beautiful white peonies. Greenery is everywhere here, not just on the Pergola and in Szczytnicki Park surrounding the complex. The venue was filled with plants (which are now regularly tended to) by "Projekt Rośliny" team based in Wrocław.